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"I'm confused on what to do or where to start!"

A lot of people assume that not knowing what to do and not doing anything about it is the way to go. And the way to go means going with the flow.

Alright, you guessed it. Maybe going with the flow is sometimes a good thing. After all, we can't PLAN what's ahead of us. But sometimes, especially within a professional context, getting things under your control is sometimes the best way to go. And that starts with our number one recommendation to our clients, drafting a VISION MAP. In other words, let's get creative!

🌟 A VISION MAP is a great place to start. A vision map is a (typically) creative visual representation of your hopes and goals. Like any map, it offers a mental picture of where you want to go. It might be in the form of a diagram or a collage (Merck 2018).

🌟 There are FOUR key steps to creating a VISION MAP:

① Brainstorm your goals that you want to focus on.

② Set goals for yourself - daily, weekly or monthly?

③ Create actionable steps towards your goals.

④ Set yourself a realistic timeline to achieve these goals.

🌟 Give yourself an ACTION PLAN.

🌟 What will the next month look like for you?

🌟 More so, how will the next 2-3 months that follow look like for you?

🌟 Keeping a realistic vision of where you envision your career to be, which industries and companies you want to work within is a great step to building your action plan. So why not start now?

We found a really good LinkedIn post that summed up the purpose of a vision map within a professional context. You can read it here.

When envisioning how your professional career will go, where do you start? RESEARCH.


Focus on your goals that you WANT to focus on.

Similarly, TARGET the industries and companies the you want to work within.

How can you add value to each actionable step for the goal that you're focusing on?

The beginning to envisioning where and how your career will be is a major process. Don't worry, most of us have all been there. But what's stopping you? Let's get a head start today AND try keep accountable for your progress - a close friend or a family member may just be the perfect fit for this!

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