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The 'WHY' to Creating a LinkedIn Profile

Leveraging Professional Platforms to Build a Network and Gain Professional Exposure

“Should I create a LinkedIn?”

“Do I need to create a LinkedIn?”

“What benefit will creating an account bring for me?”

You asked (many times) and we’ll answer for you below.

Why should you actually create a LinkedIn? In perspective, like most social media platforms, LinkedIn is a commonly used portal to interact with other people, build your network and get insights on the latest trends - but not just any portal. LinkedIn is THE go-to professional platform to help support your career search journey. Whether you’re only entering University or if you’ve been in your respective industry for years, LinkedIn is a great platform with a variety of resources and tools to help you with practically any skill that you may need in your career journey.

Quick points as to WHY you should create a LinkedIn can be summed up below and even more, we break these down if you read further along ⬇️

  • Build Connections,

  • Learn about Industry Insights, News and Trends

  • Be “kept in the loop” with latest job search opportunities and most importantly

  • Resources available that will help you kickstart your career (i.e. LinkedIn Learning, Digital Resume Builders and More).

At short, the answer to whether or not you should create a LinkedIn is an obvious yes. Of course, not many people want to be on LinkedIn, nor any social media at all - so it still remains as a voluntary choice to whether or not that you create one.

Now, we’re not speaking in generic terms nor are we following the flock to “popularising” yourself on LinkedIn to “look big” or to “look smart”. In short, LinkedIn has personally helped us to gain the exposure and insights that we need to understand the different industries/fields that we can pursue an opportunity in.

(Fauzia Here) - In writing this blog post with Liv, I know a lot of you who may not have a LinkedIn or know someone who doesn’t have a profile yet, still don’t see the benefit of having one. Well, from my own experience as a first generation family member going through university for the very first time, LinkedIn was more of a motivational platform for me. It helped support my growth and gave me the guidance that I needed to navigate my career. Naturally being a first generation student - and of course, whether or not you are - knowing what you want to do after university is always an evolving story.

At current, LinkedIn has helped me to reach out to industry professionals both within the technology and legal industry to understand what is actually out there. I’m not sure if you have read our blog post on Thinking Without a Tunnel Vision, but university does not teach you to think about the box nor does it explain to you the process of job hunting and what fields are realistically out there for you to pursue. ‘Realistically’ = what your vision is versus what you can close to pursue out in the real world. So in short, if you haven’t created a LinkedIn it’s not of course a compulsory item on your to-do list, but it is a platform that I could not recommend enough no matter which stage of your career that you are at. Anyways, back to the point - Liv and I break down the ‘why’s’ to create a LinkedIn below. And PS. Let’s F-ACE It offers LinkedIn workshops, so shameless plug - why not book one in today and see where you sit on your SSI score.

The ‘WHY’S’ broken down.

Build Connections by NETWORKING with various industry professionals and hiring managers

LinkedIn enables you, as a job seeker, to create an online brand which can help open doors to professional industries through groups and connections. With each connection, it boosts your networking capabilities through name searches and mutual contact. In essence, this increases your exposure and visibility to recruiters and hiring managers.

You may already have a LinkedIn account, but how strong is your profile and connections?

Utilise analytics function on your linkedin profile to see how strong and attractive your profile is.

“Who Viewed Your Profile”, “Post Reviews”, “Search Appearances”.

If you’re actively seeking employment or in general would love to learn more about another industry, specifically a role, use your connections and reach out to someone.

Learn about Industry Insights, News and Trends

Similar to all social media platforms, LinkedIn allows you to see what’s happening in the world around you, in your particular area or industry of interest. No matter how many interests you follow, you’ll always be kept in the loop with anything from everything. That brings us to our next point, LinkedIn unlike any other social media platform is a circle sharing platform meaning what you share, someone else can see - so can their network, and their network’s network, and so forth.

Be “kept in the loop” with latest job search opportunities and most importantly

Research the skills and/or qualifications that are needed for the job, connect to those who are already in industry and look at their career path to get an idea of (A) how did they begin their journey, (B) get an understanding of the different areas they may have worked in that particular field and lastly, (C) introduce yourself - don’t be afraid to network.

TIP: Enabling the ‘Open to Work’ function will open your profile hiring managers, who may reach out to you for an interview.

Resources available that will help you kickstart your career (i.e. LinkedIn Learning, Digital Resume Builders and More).

Another benefit of having LinkedIn is that what is not relevant for your current resume remains on your LinkedIn profile. The most frustrating thing when applying for jobs is to perfect your resume (and cover letter) and to get it on a single page- we have all been there! On your resume and cover letter, provide your unique link to your LinkedIn profile.

However, remember to keep your profile clean and concise. You don’t want to clutter your profile.

And that hopefully answers your burning question as to why you should create a LinkedIn. If you still have any follow up questions, please reach out to us in the comments below or simply shoot us an email to 💡

P.S. If you haven’t already, check out the services that we have here at Let’s F-ACE It that is designed (and continues to be designed) to help support you on your professional journey.



A current Small Business Consultant at Salesforce and UTS Alumni currently undertaking a J.D, Fauzia is a driven individual and is passionate about helping others.

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Sr. Career Coach

Currently a Graduate at QBE, UTS Alumni and former Career Services Associate, Olivia is a driven individual who is passionate about making a positive impact on those around her.

Speciality: Cover Letters (ALL).

We hope you enjoyed this blog post of ours, stay tuned for more coming your way in the new year!

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Feb 12th, 2021